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SoCal Merchant Services offer free statement analysis for existing merchants who utilize our payment processing services. We'll create a side by side comparison of each and every line item so that you can clearly see how and where we're saving you money. Ready to make the switch?
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EMV Compliant Payment Processing Tools

EMV, an initiative from Europay, MasterCard and Visa to combat card present fraud, is being rolled out in the United States to make credit and debit card transactions more secure, and to help guard your business and your customers from fraud.

As of October 1, 2015, if your terminals are not compliant, your business risks being held responsible for chargebacks resulting from fraudulent/counterfeit card transactions. EMV cards integrate chip-pin technology for greater protection. Most US consumers now have them, and many are ready and willing to use these cards - which means you need to be ready to serve them with the proper payment processing services and tools.

The terminals supplied by SoCal are EMV compliant. Our terminals also implement the latest in technology; this allows you to keep up with the demands of today’s consumers, who are looking for more convenient ways to pay.

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SoCal Merchant Services was founded in 2015 by Andy Mechammil. Andy fell into merchant services in 2007 and has worked for multiple sales offices within the industry since. In the 7 years he worked for his previous processors he learned the industry inside and out. Eventually made a decision to venture off on his own to create  a company with values of his own. And so born became, SoCal Merchant Services.

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