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Business Analysis

If you are a small business owner, or working in the spa or salon industry, <b>Booker software</b> has the power to help you analyze your business and keep your appointment books full.

Booker's built-in Business Intelligence Dashboard helps you to identify which marketing efforts are delivering the best results for your business, so you can do more of what works for you, while the booking page allows the client to select the appointment slot that best suits them.

Full Appointment Slots

If empty appointment slots are a problem, you can set up promotional campaigns via text and email to encourage customers to come through the door. Booker software also uses artificial intelligence to identify potential gaps in your appointments books, and schedules appointments for those quieter times to help keep your business moving. You can also use the Booker Marketing Network to offer empty slots across major sites like SpaFinder, Yelp, and Google.

Business Growth Tools

Repeat customers are fuel for any business, and the team behind Booker software knows this. With built in analytic tools that understand customer patterns to encourage customers to book again, the ability to set up membership packages, and special offers for occasional clients, you can all keep the customer coming back time and time again.

Integrated Payments

Businesses can use Booker POS system software alongside payment processing system to accept credit/debit cards, cash, and gift certificates. You can even create a loyalty program to reward your regulars!

Booker POS system software securely stores and analyzes any transactions you take, while recording customer purchase patterns and storing customer card details for future sales, and it offers both mobile payment processing and ecommerce software, too.  

Management Tools

For the admin side of your business, use Booker software to manage your employee and payment schedules and your customer relationships, as well as for inventory management, and even creating effective email marketing campaigns. You can also manage your business on the go with the Booker App.