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Sell Online

Set up your online store with Clover’s ecommerce solutions. Online selling platforms can be combined with any of the Clover POS systems for easier inventory management and business analytics, plus you’ll have a secure environment to sell from. With eye-catching templates, flexible payments and an ecommerce site that works with mobile and smartphones, you’ll be ready for today’s consumers.

Boost Sales

 Clover works alongside Mailchimp, so you can create appealing email campaigns aimed at your customers. Rewards cards and gift cards incentivize customers and encourage loyalty, analytics allow you to spot your most loyal customers and market to them accordingly, and an apps store gives you the tools you need to maximize your marketing efforts.

Create Gift Cards

Gift certificates are a popular incentive to increase business, and with Clover you can create both digital and plastic cards. Without the need to rely on paper certificates, the risk of fraud is reduced and your customers can purchase and redeem their gift cards from their smartphones, or use Gyft app for an easier, more satisfying shopping experience. Access to an admin dashboard and reporting makes running your gift card program straight forward, and support is at hand should run into any problems.

Business Tools

Spot trends, manage inventory and see which way your business is going with Clover’s extensive range of reporting and performance tools. These allow you to manage inventory, accounting, payrolls, time sheets, and track your sales, while also seeing how you compare to your competitors. You can then use these insights to improve the way you run your business, and improve your marketing efforts.  

Clover Capital

This Clover POS systems program helps to provide the extra funding you need to drive your business forward. Clover Capital gives you a cash advance, which is calculated on your average monthly MasterCard/Visa transactions. The money is repaid based on your business’s sales.