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Payment Solutions for Convenience & Liquor Stores

Terminals & POS Systems

As a liquor store owner, the two most obvious choices are a traditional terminal or a POS system.  
At SoCal, we work with Clover to provide a variety of liquor store POS systems, including countertop and mobile models. A POS system allows you to:

Manage Inventory
Inventory management is cited as one of the biggest challenges for the liquor store sector, but a POS system can help streamline tasks. With inventory management improved you’ll reduce costs, limit wastage and avoid running out of vital stock.
Access Business Analytics
Incisive business analytics, which paints a clearer picture of where your business is heading, is also made possible through a modern liquor store POS system.
In addition, performance trends allow you to spot the peaks and troughs in your business, while access to analytics can help you to boost sales and increase profits.
Manage Administrative Tasks
Administration is a significant part of every business owner’s workload, but this can be streamlined with the help of a POS system. Time sheets, payroll and accounting are just some of the tasks that get easier with the addition of a sleek POS system.
Enhance Marketing Efforts
Repeat custom is the key to a successful business, especially in competitive industries like convenience and liquor stores. A POS system can enhance your marketing efforts and encourage repeat customers with tailored marketing campaigns to give your business a boost.
Meet Modern Buyer Demands
If you want to appeal to a younger crowd, or just capture customers when they are in a queue and in a hurry, offer them quicker payment options with solutions like Clover mobile. Clover mobile allows you to accept Apple Pay and other mobile payments so you can keep up with this growing payment trend.
Boost & Ensure Security
Keeping customer data safe is one of the biggest concerns for every business owner. Locked down operating systems, encrypted data and data tokenization, along with PCI compliant equipment all enhance your businesses security are all part of our top of the range POS systems.