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Nonprofit Payment Terminals

We work alongside companies like Clover to provide your nonprofit with an extensive range of transaction processing solutions for collecting payments from your supporters, quickly and securely.

This includes mobile app devices for payment acceptance at pop up shops,
live events and fund raisers, or stations for your brick and mortar store.

Nonprofit POS Systems

We know that competition is fierce in the nonprofit sector. It can be difficult to make your organization stand out from all the others, which is why it's important to maximize your marketing efforts where you can.

A POS system enables you to create effective marketing campaigns aimed at your donors, and encourages loyalty towards your cause. However, it can also significantly reduce the amount of admin work involved in the day to day running of your nonprofit, as well as manage store inventory.

Nonprofit Online Donations

The way we donate has changed considerably. These days, people are more comfortable making donations online, and find it more convenient, too.

If your nonprofit wants to start collecting donations online, or if you’re currently looking for new transaction processing services, speak to SoCal Merchant Services to see how we can help.

Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

Depending on the transaction processing services you've opted for, your nonprofit will be able to:

  • Accept secure payments in store, on the go, and online.
  • Allow donors to make recurring payments.
  • Collect payments and print receipts at events and pop up shops.
  • Easily manage accounting, invoicing, other administrative tasks.
  • Create marketing campaigns, gift cards, and loyalty rewards.
  • Manage and control inventory.

EMV & PCI Compliant

Our nonprofit merchants can be assured that SoCal is PCI compliant and equipped, which will help to reduce your administrative burden.

In addition, we work alongside Clover and other major companies in the payments industry to supply your nonprofit organization with EMV compliant payment terminals, so you’ll be able to securely accept chip and pin credit cards.

Why Choose Us for All Your Nonprofit Transaction Processing Needs?

At SoCal, we want to see your nonprofit thrive. We understand this competitive sector, and we want to give you the tools your organization needs for success.

Benefits for Nonprofit Merchants:

  • 24/7 support from a U.S.-based call center.
  • Affordable, fair pricing.
  • No annual, cancellation, or sign up fees.
  • No contracts.